Sunday, September 16, 2007

Trendy or Not?

Are you Trendy? No really, are you trendy?

Why I ask... because with Fashion in New York over and all the fashionistas putting in their purchases of the newest and most upcoming designs, designers and Spring looks, I wonder who is really trendy.

Correct me if I am wrong... but you are NOT trendy, when you walk around wearing a cute L.A.M.B Sweater, some Christian Dior glasses or even some Chip & Pepper jeans. Why do I say all this. Because I have been thinking about Muses... and their impact on trends that others in the shopping society then go purchase walking around feeling they have made the ultimate trendy acquisition. But excuse me if I offend... you are NOT TRENDY!!! If you bought it in the mall... and it's copied from another piece, if you feel you look like a celebrity wearing it, you are so past your prime to declare fashion trendy and if you look identical to all the other High schoolers/University Students/Abercrombie & Fitch models.... you are NOT Trendy.

While I get repetitive, I worry about the condition of the Mass shopping droves... who continue to feel they make a fashionable impact purchasing things that Paris Hilton wears, when they walk into the "Popular" store in the mall... when they even get into a line up just so they too can own this funny looking hoodie with Skulls all over it.

Trend: ( my personal point of view) is when you begin a look, a following or a sense of worship. It's being unique enough to cause others to copy. Having trend is to be before those who know it, to start an action that has been slowly starting and making it more of a norm.

trend Show
noun [C]1 a general development or change in a situation or in the
way that people are behaving:Surveys show a trend away from home-ownership and
towards rented accommodation.There's been a downward/upward trend in sales in
the last few years.2 a new development in clothing, make-up, etc:Whatever the
latest fashion trend, you can be sure Nicki will be wearing it.The trend at the
moment is towards a more natural and less made-up look. -
Cambridge Dictionaries

Main Entry: 1trend Pronunciation: 'trendFunction: intransitive verbEtymology: Middle English, to turn, revolve, from Old English trendan; akin to Middle High German trendel disk, spinning top1 a : to extend in a general direction : follow a general course b : to veer in a new direction : BEND 2 a : to show a tendency : href="">INCLINE b : to become deflected : SHIFT -Merriam- Webster Dictionary

So now... as I sit about the trends that keep popping up... watching movies from your computer without downloading them, going Green, blogging even!! Trends have been as old as time, designers have been aware of the inflated egos of the non-famous and that they too need to feel equals.... welcome the Ready-to-wear collections. While the trendsetters shopped the Atelier piece, the Haute Couture collection and have things tailored to themselves.

Who are the great Trend Setters of the last 100 years... Jackie-O who brought the Pill Box hat to Americans by the way of Halston, Madonna coned shaped bra by the way of Jean Paul Gaultier, Mia Farrow who adopted children from all creeds and nationalities from around the world, Isabella Blow who found the next incredible European designer with gusto and imagination, Oscar De La Renta someone who put pants on a woman when the skirt suit was the only way to be a sophisticated woman. Levi... because you wouldn't wear jeans unless they made them in the first place. Died hair goes to the Kings of France (I know I am dating this) and Make-up that goes to the Pharoah's from Egypt.

I can't stand to read another article about someone bringing and making a hair colour popular, a hair style that will be repeated, a make-up application that we've seen before.... until you put Eyeshadow on your chin, you are not creating a TREND!!! It's been done before... you are bringing a TREND BACK... you read it... back!!! You didn't invent it, yes you might cause a following because of it... and most likely some stylist told you, you had to do it like that. But, my dear dear people... you are not trendy!