Monday, July 30, 2007

Do you feel nostalgic??

OK.... I don't know where to begin other than it's Friday night and your adorably cute friend comes into the house with pants reminiscent of Rhoda... asking me if I like these new baggy, high-waisted pants on her new svelte self? I pondered... why do they make jeans like these. To only realise the 70's are back and in full force. I am not talking about 70s styling that reinforced the over the top of the 80's. I am letting you all know about the kitsch and stylings of the 60s flower child behaviour that flooded over to the 70s with the Extremes.

Extremes you say... yes, you either wear your jeans Super Skinny... oh yeah we are already doing that... or else you wear them super baggy and super high waisted... and that is knocking at your North American doors people. England has already adorned this look, perhaps Mary Tyler Moore didn't live in their living rooms and remind them of the atrocities that brought on Dynasty.

But can we enjoy the look again... how long will it last? I don't know but not only is it affecting your wardrobe, it's playing havoc in your home decor. But I like it in my house more than on my body. Perhaps this is I displacing my body issues on the stylings that are out there. Do you do 70's. And when is too much nostalgia just plain old Tacky??

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Do you wear celebrity duds?

With Miami swim week well and done, the highlight was Jessica Simpson's first time out Swimsuit runway show. Now it got me thinking... does anyone really wear clothing created by celebrities???

Jennifer Lopez came out years ago while dating the industrious Sean (P.Diddy) Combs, and created the ever mainstream J.Lo line, it's kitsch apparel that makes me think of Puerto Rican Mamasitas combing through racks to get an item. The worst was her version of the Juicy Track Suit... the J.LO suit caused a flurry of buyers.

Victoria Beckham aka. Posh, she worked together with the label Rock&Republic to create a signature jean collection. I am sure you know which one it is, it's the one with the crowns on all the emaciated females walking around the city. But they had a falling out and please wait by the edge of you seat, because DVB will be coming out soon.

Justin Timberlake made William.Rast. It's actually pretty decent but confused by it's laid back styling that I can't see it fitting in this decades wardrobe savvy. It isn't a logo line, so I don't know how it will compete in the world of Hollister, American Eagle or Abercrombie & Fitch.

Now we all are aware of the clout that Sean John has within the fashion community, right after Tom Ford was given an award for his work with Gucci Homme they honour the likes of P.Diddy with a CFDA award. I have to say his runway show is pretty fantastic, his mainstream threads are abysmal... and please the man made a coat from Raccoon-Dog.

So do you wear it, do you wear anything a celebrity puts their name on Fashion wise. I just can't put my foot in the sole of a Jessica Simpson shoe, I will never wear a J.Lo pair of shades, House of Dereon is highly overrated- would never want to look like a member of Destiny's Child and really Kimora Lee Simmons herself is getting face time in every celebrity mag, her credibility for Fashion keeps falling and falling.

So let me know... debate me.... because personally I find all these items SAD. Ohhh don't get me started on L.A.M.B.!!! You need style to present style... so do this make them style aficionados?

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Los Palabras!!

My Spanish/Mexican way... for the last week, I have had the pleasure of being kept busy by my Mexican guests. And it has me thinking of Street Vendors. Why you ask? I had gone to Mexico in 2003, now the trip wasn't as memorable as one month in the humid/hot province of Veracruz might sound. The shopping was exhilarating!!!

The Haggling... ohhh the haggling!!! I realised that I had the gift of bargaining... Ironically I couldn't see myself doing it well in English speaking North America with my head held high. But why was I needing to bargain. It's because I was purchasing like I had a fire in my pocket and my wallet needed to be left behind. Seriously, I fell in love with the eccentricities that was jewelry and accessories from the street merchants. Things that might have looked festive and vacation worthy, but you could bring back home and it not seem like you spent too much time on holidays.

I don't mean buying those tsotchkes that read tourist all over them. I am talking about really merchants who are trying to sell to their own people. Some artisan work, that looks a little more modern over matronly.

Why am I telling you all about this... so that you yourself can go holidaying this year while being your own personal trend hunter. Find the next big thing, wear it and feel proud that you could have bought the same inspirational piece in which designers world over have used as a platform to start a collection. So if you aren't into Vintage... as I am NOT! Please feel free to get out of the box, travel to another country and shop the local merchants. You'll be surprised what you might find!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Double D's make a Plus size woman??

I am an advocate for women to have options no matter what size they wear. I had been a voice for people needing to have style no matter what physical condition they are in. But there is one comment I can no longer listen to and stand aside without making a point to correct some.

I have on many many occasions heard this sentence... "Marilyn Monroe wore a size 14." Playing devil's advocate I truly didn't question it much... I didn't think it was all that true but her curvaceous figure could have caused for some odd measurements that in this day and age would be perhaps a larger woman. Until I was watching a program on TV, regarding Plus Size clothing and that women in N. America are averaging a size 14 and Marilyn Monroe was considered a size 16. Too which, I just couldn't stand it!!!!!

Marilyn Monroe was a curvy woman, busty to an extreme in her heyday! Not an athletic body at all, her curves left much to be desired to the women who are film stars this day. But what were her measurements truly? After a bit of research... which really wasn't that hard, I bring you the real Marilyn Monroe.
Height: 5 feet 5 1/2 inches
Weight: Varied, 115 - 120
Measurements: 37-23-36 (Studio's Claim); 35-22-35 (Dressmaker's
Hair color: Blond Eyes: Blue
These are her official measurements... I bring you a sizing chart. Why because you can do the comparison yourself. But look this is not no plus size female. A waist that not only is small in everyday standards, she would wear an XXS if she was present to see that size exist.

So please, people who want to promote Plus Size clothing, it's important that all woman are given the right to wear clothing, that is comfortable, fashionable and classic looking without demoralising the character of someone who has no one to speak for them.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Finding my inner beading bliss!!

So since I have fully engrossed myself into my jewelry world, I can't help but read about what other people are doing. I don't know why but I have taken a keen interest in beader's. I found some really interesting and cool blogs that I think might be interesting if you wanted to see some interesting crafting and bead work.

Read Tammy Powley's world of jewelry, she just wrapped up a month about pearls at Jewelry & Beading.

The inner workings of Margot Potter, who gives you a free tutorial at The Impatient Blogger .

The excessively quirky behaviour that is Jean at Snap out of it Jean.

And get a simple how-to tutorial for cell-phone jewelry from Katie at Katie's Beading Blog.

The picture you see to your right... is my first necklace creation. I am very proud of it, and it already has someone ready to purchase it.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

My newest addiction!!

I've never shopped online, I don't know why; but I like to hold and touch the piece I might buy. I like to see the colour up close and personal. But I know some of my closest friends who will buy anything online, from store browsing online to Ebay. But I think I am a window shopper of the Internet world. Nothing can stop me from browsing.

So what do I love to browse through? I am a new addict of the independent online boutique of Paper-doll. What I like that they have, I love the collection of I Clothing that they carry, and of course House of Spy.

So if you venture out and shop online, here are some great pieces that will bring you more options then your local mall.


Not sure if this fits... but in the wake of an article I read in The Toronto Star, I had to ask!!! I am a facebook addict, I must check my facebook acct. more than I do my own email acct. I keep the page open and refresh throughout the day, of course I get to do so because I am at home and not confined to my desk at work.

So this weekend I had the privilege to read an article in the Toronto Star about how the city of Toronto boasts the most Facebook participants worldwide. Personally I believe it has a lot to do with the winter months boredome that drove us all onto it, at least that is what did it for me.

Type in the word Facebook in Google and watch the plethora of information that will come to you. From bloggers blogging about the workings of Facebook, some how it's an invasion of privacy, and others who are in attempts of boycotting it because well they call it Creepy!! But let's be serious... how else can you find old elementary school friend, get an update instantaneously and see picture in a grouping without having to open large attachments.

I read in a computer savvy blog that they think Facebook is the Social- RSS feed. Think of it as a news ticker, the stock exchange for social activity. So is this the future of computerization. Everyone knows the business you want them to know, they see the pics you want them to see, and they know your relationship status because you posted a change to your profile.

Facebook- Invasion of privacy, or personal tabloid fodder about yourself to your social group??

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

kikiT is making Jewellery!!!

I know I usually like to blog about world happenings and well soon to be happenings... but I have been contemplating my existence in this world of Fashion and blogging (editorial). While daily, I enjoy parlaying into the world's trends and bringing it to your home computer by way of interpreting stories for your pleasure.

But after spending explicit amount of time, eating, breathing and sleeping fashion; I think I should be able to contribute a fair amount of consumership and knowledge into creating product that people want.

So... let me introduce to you the first ever collection brought to you by kikiT Jewelery, Cake! Because when you can't have cake for calories, you can have cake for Fashion. So ladies, Have your cake and eat it too!!!

Monday, July 02, 2007

Being Patriotic is Cool???

Where can I begin with this, with Canada day now far gone and Independence day lurking around the corner, is it really cool to pull out your Country's garb and feel like you are cool?? I ask this because I can't really see myself put on my Red and White and walk around not thinking I am a mommy and I dress to impress my kids not the general fashionista in me. I am hoping to get in a Fifa World Cup Under-20 game this month and would like to wear a flag fashionably, is it really possible?

Well in light of the last MMVA's here in Toronto at the Much Music Headquarters, our considered Canadian sweetheart (who really calls L.A. home)Avril Lavigne was wearing Canadian gear. I can't help but think when I see a Canadian flag attached to anything but a flag post that the person is a tourist backpacking through Europe. Perhaps we don't have the Patriotic flare that Americans do, maybe we all don't wear our country on our sleeve. But is it ever cool to wear your country's flag as fashionable garb. Some
blog about it, other than me interestingly enough.

So in honour of every one's country... happy holidays, happy firecracker displays and well good vacations to you all. But please don't wear those tacky T-shirts!