Thursday, March 15, 2007

Designer accused of Rape!!

In the day and age, where models ages have been scrutinized to the fullest, here comes a story that makes you want to point out the reality of the ages of minors who work in the industry.

Yesterday, Newsweek's noted designer of upcoming ones to watch Anand Jon Alexander was arrested for allegations of rape and accounts of assaults on 3 separate female. One who has been said to be a mere 15 years of age. Now the name might not be familiar to most, but he is known in his city of Los Angeles, dressed the like of Paris & Nicky Hilton and other stars, as well as appeared on many occasions on the American version of America's Next Top Model.

He is being held with a 1.3 Million bail, and is even being questioned about his immigration status in the US.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

When is pushing the envelope too much?

I am the first to say, that Fashion has a form, a medium to generate controversy and change the face at the way we see things. As well, how can you debate the reality that Sex and Fashion go hand in hand more than Rock and Sex if you ask me. Now if you ask me Ads are suppose to be thought evoking and not just a pic of clothing... I don't understand Ads where people are completely nude but they are selling clothing; but if it works why knock it.

As of March 6th, Dolce & Gabbana pulled their very visually evoking advert, the image had cause so much controversy in Spain; where they are fighting to stricken laws against female violence. Not really a good week to come out with the image in Spain right around Women's Day. Even though the image has been out since February in their home country, they finally were pleaded by the Senate to remove the Ads from circulation. Now the image has been tagged by the media as a 'Fantasy Rape'; but wouldn't putting that kind of stigma on the image make it more controversial? Personally I don't find the image as appalling as some might, but I can see the insensitivity that some might feel from it. What do you think?

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

What goes around comes back around...

A very wise teacher of mine once told me that every great image, will forever repeat itself. So, in fashion will it also. I will soon enough pay him a great Homage but to my next repetition it's not as clear cut as it may seem. I have always been fairly able to tell my inner circle what I thought would be a trend, just never seemed to know how I was doing it. Well it's because I have a fast knowledge and memory of things that seem ridiculously frivolous to others... so when I noticed, I didn't really know what I was noticing til I sat in on his class. Well here is my PREDICTION for you all... watch as it blooms.

Usually Fashion is a forefront. Fashion Houses decide what trend is upcoming and musicians and actors usually follow suite. But, sometimes Actors and Musicians change the course of fashion. Following fashion week there was an obvious direction in which way things are going... but with stylist in Hollywood taking from that their own version and ideas, they really mend fashion and style into Trends. High waisted clothing have seem to been creeping back into our wardrobes one item at a time- making us think that the direction we are all going to see is very 80's. True as it may seem I believe you will see a huge reemergence of 30's glam, pinup women and homage to burlesque. Dresses are short, pants are high, skirts are tight and well, trousers are very wide. Bring on the old school glam. You won't see it in any magazine or catwalk as of yet but it's sure coming...
** to my ladies from the board... if you watch closely you will see that Benji is the dancer with Christina Aguilera**

Friday, March 09, 2007

The Commercials are out... the queen has done an ad!!

Now this video/commercial has been leaked for days... and I apologise I am only getting to it now, but this season of H&M should be a hit. This isn't the standard release of designers, they are touting the Madonna collection as one of their biggest so far... I believe the expectations will be huge- hence the first H&M designer related commercial so enjoy!!!

Being sick doesn't make you pretty...

Where have I been again... I swear the end of this Pregnancy will be the end of me as well. After falling during the nice Ice Storm, I have now been stricken with a cold that feels like the Plague. And may I add, I definitely don't look pretty. My skin looks flushed or pale, my eyes are red, my nose flaky... and all I can think about is what kind of cream can I put on my face right now that would make all my sickness blahs go away... so to you avid readers any recommendation would be greatly appreciated.