Friday, June 29, 2007

Some Colour FUN!!

Well I thought I would do a fast post... I have been looking at all my old posts lately... and laughed with a realisation of how right I am sometimes. Yellow and Blue being the colours of the summer... right I was!!! They are all over the place. Grey being the colour that will continue into the FALL... so ladies shop now, if it's grey then get it NOW!!!

As well the
Polka Dots and the Plaid also made a huge wave into the summer like I figured. The cover of my June issue of LouLou magazine has a girl in Gingham and well I have now fallen in love with Polka Dot shoes, and there is this commercial on TV, that is reminiscent of a Kylie Minogue video where a woman walks through the street and there seems to be multiples of here appearing haphazardly. Well, she is wearing this awesome Polka Dot dress.

Some unfortunate realities... I knew that the Turban was coming and going to come strong and I was right. Except it's more like the turban/headband... but please it's not nice.

So in honour of COLOUR... I bring you a fun quiz I was brought to online by an adorable friend... it was fun and I found it to be undoubtedly true. I am a Pink Girl and you all know it.
Fun Colour Quiz

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Just incase you wanted to know...

Now you all know I wouldn't be the first to post this, but with all the media scrutiny that has taken over my TV, I just had to. Paris Hilton came out of jail the other day... of course not wearing her Orange Jumpsuit (that officially belongs to the state) but a well reserved and cute outfit.

Now obviously, we all have heard of Kitson boutique... well Paris actually shops elsewhere. The so called outfit you are seeing is from the little known boutique of The House of Petro Zillia, an adorable store that offers a great amount of kitsch on West 3rd St. in West Hollywood. Paris Hilton's short sleeve blazer was an early spring purchase- made in March. It's a nice linen piece imported from Paris (the city) itself. But the most affordable piece on Ms. Hilton were her skinny jeans with a price tag of $88USD.

So now be forewarned... The House of Petro Zillia might be the next big celebrity shop, and a paparazzi favorite. It isn't Robertson Blvd, but I am sure it will get a great amount of pull now!!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Do you want to live the life in convertibles???

Well, somewhere in the U.K. there is a Sheila whose been thinking cars that now started thinking fashion comfort for the car as well. This new insurance company that started in 2005, has thought up a way to provide a safe and comfortable ride while providing adequate style for the woman who isn't willing to give up her stilettos.

These little versatile puppy's, only come in this Pink and Black colour combo, but their functionality makes waves where their stylistic needs still need work. These shoes come with a button control that slides the heel right under the hoof of the shoe, making it part of the flat sole itself. While the promotion of this item is to make car safety in the U.K. better, I see it as the much needed relief from cobblestone ways, needing to rush or run to a location and simply a hard night of partying gets hard on ones feet needing a quick pair of flats. So the world of shoes might be changing... let's see if Jimmy Choo can adopt a style that is convertible.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Do you mix Fashion and Sports??

. Where can I begin with this post... I have been mulling over the spin I want to give it, the air of shaking my head in disregard, to understanding mass marketing, to well, the evolution of celebrity/fashion houses turning to Sport. David Beckham has changed the face of sport in the last decade, I know the were sport legends, Babe Ruth, Pele and Michael Jordan, but no one really shined like Beckham has in recent years. Not for his prowls in never ending metal receiving... but in the way he changed the world to see him more than well a Soccer (Football) player.

Why is this important, you ask? Because never has there been a Sport Star to make such an impression in the world of Fashion. We know and have known for years that David Beckham was and will probably stay for a while; D&G's male Muse. In a homage to what he represents, no other athlete's hair is scrutinised since the Rachel in the 90's

Well, it seems the world is absorbing this and we are getting the new blunt of it all. Athletes are becoming celebrities again. Musing with actors the way Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe, come on the heels of newer pairing such as Eva Longoria and Tony Parker or Carrie Underwood and Tony Romo.

So, how is the affecting the fashion world really. Well if you live on the West Coast of North America you live in your Yoga pants, wear flip flops when it's hot because comfort and sport come before high end fashion. Well labels are wanting to change that. What better way to bring Sport to the Brand Conscious and Name Branding to the Sporties... well the Great house of Chanel has found a way. In the manner that Nike and Addidas come into your home, so will Chanel- perhaps not for the same cost... but it's marketing a new line of sport/athletic fashion. Please don't feel you bought the sport clutch and you have accomplished the look; no the look bares further than that, behold the Chanel Tennis Rackets, the Chanel Rugby Ball, the Chanel Surfboard. All for the connoisseur of Sport and the Fashionistas of the world. They will join and be one finally.

Now this musing humours me, as I somehow think what would Coco have thought, the woman who brought ethereal style and the everyday suit to woman. Who chose to stay away from constructing the pant suit because it wasn't ladylike would feel about one wearing Chanel Sweats, more like breathable fibres, but still something that doesn't allow for your hair to stay coiffed and precise. What has the modern woman become, perhaps she is now thinking what has the Chanel Woman become...

Monday, June 25, 2007

Being Voluptuous in Toronto...

The market for shopping keeps growing and Toronto is upping the market in fashion for the larger sizes. Voluptuous opened in 5 locations across Toronto and the buzz that I hear, is it's fun and affordable clothing for the more curvaceous woman.

Not to mention... they like to promote the beautiful female figure by hiring regular women for the photo shoots and runway shows, so if you think you are the woman for them, you are to email a photo of you full body.

But it's nice to see that woman of all sizes are getting the chance to purchase affordable clothing that is cute and sassy, while friendly to the pocket book.

~Best item in the store are the cropped leggings, that you all have been seeing under dresses this year. They look great, they come in all colours and the even have that fun lace addition on the bottom. ~

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I've seen this before... really fashion is ART!

I'm a pure child of the 80's... I know I have said this before. I have worn the neon spandex, the gummie shoes, the shirts that look like a ragamuffin braid, if it had studs, sparkles and just anything that might have shown some Cyndi Lauper semblance, I might have owned it. But when is cool 1980's garb just not really cool no more.

I see that there is a penchant to change the image of fashion, from Heatherette pushing the 80's extreme, to the British and Paris Fashion weeks pushing the artistic envelop. But people let's not really try and merge the two literally!! Fashion is an art in itself, you don't need to put art on art!!! That is NOT ART!! Fashion is the art of clothing, of wear, of fit, of fabrication. The perfection of this art, it the combination of the saturation of Hue and Tone, with proper fitting embellishments, thread and detail. Every piece with it's own sophistication, with it's own pizazz. So please people understand that while Fashion is art, it doesn't need art to sell it.

So please people let us not all make this mistake... understand that the 80's brought a modernness a flare for the unusual, a push from the 50's frocks to the avant-garde surrealism and sleekness of art deco chic doesn't mean we need to bring the look that Murphy Brown's never ending house painter wore. Please keep this look for when you are renovating your homes, because I will say it again. Fashion is ART it doesn't need Art to help it!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

How to hide your Belly???

Now don't get me wrong, but Pregnancy to me is a beautiful thing. So I am not sure I am understanding the trend as of late, but it seems like everyone is now hiding their bellies. Now of course I guess we could be wondering if rumors are true, but if you aren't preggers why cover the belly?? So I ask... why do you cover it up Mrs. Bratman or Nicole Richie?

These last couple of seasons are a pregnant woman's dream, with fashion that goes from a-line shirt/dresses that make a plunging neckline stop right underneath your decolletage... the items flow from their into a pretty bubbled piece or a pleat perfection. So why hide the bump??

Can we take our cues from the pregnant bellies that make us proud. No one better than to show you how to sport the belly like Heidi Klum, who every episode of the last couple of Project Runway seasons showed that you can do a belly with style and class. Denise Richards demonstrated that you can even show off that protruding belly button. So why the hidden belly, but I hope this doesn't cause a trend, women don't need to resort to feeling shame of their bellies. Let this not become a trend!!!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Now I am not a Cameron Diaz fan... but with the arrival of Shrek at the box office and what was a much publicised break up with Justin Timberlake- In Touch magazine's online Editorial team thinks she is making important fashion statements.

Personally, I think she should stick to nice bright colours and skirts that are short to keep her most flattering long legs the attention of all her outfits. So you be the judge, is Cameron Diaz a fashion source for you, do you ever take cues from her?

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Profit Worthy!

Now I know we all go shopping and get into a store find a discounted outfit that we think is adorable, and well maybe a STEAL!!! Think again, Profit Margins are higher than you think, and nothing being sold is a loss ever. I was reading the world news and found this article intensely interesting and think some of you too might find it highly intriguing.

How it works for Big Department Stores - Macy's and don't forget even H&M make a pretty penny!!!

When Bad clothes happen to good People!

I really do like me -Rachel Weisz, I think she is cute and wears clothing really effortlessly... now I know it's hard to feel young and modern after becoming a mommy for this first time. But, this outfit does her no justice!! This outfit disappoints, while making her look frumpy and well, Old; it lacks the luster that this actress deserves.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

When Pretty is Important!!

I have fallen in love and really can't stop thinking about this designer. Now to say I have a crush could be the only way to describe how I feel towards her clothing... I really can't stop thinking of it all from the details, to the hem lines, I am fanatic about the prettiness of every item.

Not only must you and go and see her website , she is a bit hard to find Internationally but there are locations. You can shop for her online at many locations, but truly these dresses are too cute to be missed. Seeing and absorbing what real femininity should look like in this day in age should aspire us girls to go out and look for some adorable frocks, to remember well we are girls not only women.

For some locations where you can find her clothing check out, this, or

Monday, June 11, 2007

When it blows...

Well, how things have moved along quickly since the last time I blogged. The world is in an uproar about Paris Hilton's stint in jail, the Cannes film festival came and went but the biggest fashion news after the CFDA's top honours is the loss of fellow fashionista and really FASHION ICON Isabella Blow passed away.

Now this isn't a death anyone outside her inner circle could have imagined, an famous woman, with credit to her name of discovering Alexander McQueen and now famed hat maker Philip Tracey. This woman who was always saved a seat at world fashion shows, whose every critique was copied word for word, whose opinion was looked upon right beside that of Anna Wintour and who never shied away from the thrawls of eccentric fashion took her life on May 7, 2007.

The Fashion Director at Tatler felt her life was no longer worth living and that she wasn't offering much to the world itself. It saddens me to see another trajic story in an industry marred with so many psychological misgivings. But when it blows it sure blows!!!