Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Do you mix Fashion and Sports??

. Where can I begin with this post... I have been mulling over the spin I want to give it, the air of shaking my head in disregard, to understanding mass marketing, to well, the evolution of celebrity/fashion houses turning to Sport. David Beckham has changed the face of sport in the last decade, I know the were sport legends, Babe Ruth, Pele and Michael Jordan, but no one really shined like Beckham has in recent years. Not for his prowls in never ending metal receiving... but in the way he changed the world to see him more than well a Soccer (Football) player.

Why is this important, you ask? Because never has there been a Sport Star to make such an impression in the world of Fashion. We know and have known for years that David Beckham was and will probably stay for a while; D&G's male Muse. In a homage to what he represents, no other athlete's hair is scrutinised since the Rachel in the 90's

Well, it seems the world is absorbing this and we are getting the new blunt of it all. Athletes are becoming celebrities again. Musing with actors the way Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe, come on the heels of newer pairing such as Eva Longoria and Tony Parker or Carrie Underwood and Tony Romo.

So, how is the affecting the fashion world really. Well if you live on the West Coast of North America you live in your Yoga pants, wear flip flops when it's hot because comfort and sport come before high end fashion. Well labels are wanting to change that. What better way to bring Sport to the Brand Conscious and Name Branding to the Sporties... well the Great house of Chanel has found a way. In the manner that Nike and Addidas come into your home, so will Chanel- perhaps not for the same cost... but it's marketing a new line of sport/athletic fashion. Please don't feel you bought the sport clutch and you have accomplished the look; no the look bares further than that, behold the Chanel Tennis Rackets, the Chanel Rugby Ball, the Chanel Surfboard. All for the connoisseur of Sport and the Fashionistas of the world. They will join and be one finally.

Now this musing humours me, as I somehow think what would Coco have thought, the woman who brought ethereal style and the everyday suit to woman. Who chose to stay away from constructing the pant suit because it wasn't ladylike would feel about one wearing Chanel Sweats, more like breathable fibres, but still something that doesn't allow for your hair to stay coiffed and precise. What has the modern woman become, perhaps she is now thinking what has the Chanel Woman become...

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