Monday, June 25, 2007

Being Voluptuous in Toronto...

The market for shopping keeps growing and Toronto is upping the market in fashion for the larger sizes. Voluptuous opened in 5 locations across Toronto and the buzz that I hear, is it's fun and affordable clothing for the more curvaceous woman.

Not to mention... they like to promote the beautiful female figure by hiring regular women for the photo shoots and runway shows, so if you think you are the woman for them, you are to email a photo of you full body.

But it's nice to see that woman of all sizes are getting the chance to purchase affordable clothing that is cute and sassy, while friendly to the pocket book.

~Best item in the store are the cropped leggings, that you all have been seeing under dresses this year. They look great, they come in all colours and the even have that fun lace addition on the bottom. ~

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