Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I've seen this before... really fashion is ART!

I'm a pure child of the 80's... I know I have said this before. I have worn the neon spandex, the gummie shoes, the shirts that look like a ragamuffin braid, if it had studs, sparkles and just anything that might have shown some Cyndi Lauper semblance, I might have owned it. But when is cool 1980's garb just not really cool no more.

I see that there is a penchant to change the image of fashion, from Heatherette pushing the 80's extreme, to the British and Paris Fashion weeks pushing the artistic envelop. But people let's not really try and merge the two literally!! Fashion is an art in itself, you don't need to put art on art!!! That is NOT ART!! Fashion is the art of clothing, of wear, of fit, of fabrication. The perfection of this art, it the combination of the saturation of Hue and Tone, with proper fitting embellishments, thread and detail. Every piece with it's own sophistication, with it's own pizazz. So please people understand that while Fashion is art, it doesn't need art to sell it.

So please people let us not all make this mistake... understand that the 80's brought a modernness a flare for the unusual, a push from the 50's frocks to the avant-garde surrealism and sleekness of art deco chic doesn't mean we need to bring the look that Murphy Brown's never ending house painter wore. Please keep this look for when you are renovating your homes, because I will say it again. Fashion is ART it doesn't need Art to help it!!

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