Tuesday, June 19, 2007

How to hide your Belly???

Now don't get me wrong, but Pregnancy to me is a beautiful thing. So I am not sure I am understanding the trend as of late, but it seems like everyone is now hiding their bellies. Now of course I guess we could be wondering if rumors are true, but if you aren't preggers why cover the belly?? So I ask... why do you cover it up Mrs. Bratman or Nicole Richie?

These last couple of seasons are a pregnant woman's dream, with fashion that goes from a-line shirt/dresses that make a plunging neckline stop right underneath your decolletage... the items flow from their into a pretty bubbled piece or a pleat perfection. So why hide the bump??

Can we take our cues from the pregnant bellies that make us proud. No one better than to show you how to sport the belly like Heidi Klum, who every episode of the last couple of Project Runway seasons showed that you can do a belly with style and class. Denise Richards demonstrated that you can even show off that protruding belly button. So why the hidden belly, but I hope this doesn't cause a trend, women don't need to resort to feeling shame of their bellies. Let this not become a trend!!!

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