Wednesday, January 31, 2007


I am usually calm and collected, til I began this blog. Now I am definitely not your HTML expert, actually I had no idea what HTML really stood for til I became world wide web capable- referring to the fact that I was producing product that could be read world wide.

Well for the last 24 hrs. my patience had been tested. Instead of blogging on some much needed Men's shows that appeared in Paris. The fact that Fashion Weeks are kicking it into High Gear soon enough, I was sitting here fixing was seemed to have become my largest Internet mistake. If you happened to pop on to see some news, you will have found that my blog was turned upside down and well my archives were no where to be found.

I would love to tell you I was Hacked!! Giving me some sort of Street cred, but no it was my own mistake and I have learnt my lesson. Read those HTML codes, not once, not twice but three times before I press DELETE and SAVE!!

Be back tomorrow with more fun news...

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

GREY Matters!!

Now, we've been seeing this trend for over 6 months but it is showing no time of slowing down. I really do love this colour. Now I have gone over and over it in my head to understand what it is that I like about this tone, it seems like it's not pure grey but it's grey blues or grey beiges. The colours are rich, really rich and look great one the skin tone because of the added colours. It is also the darker greys that I find appealing but of course you want to find a shade of grey that works best with your skin. Well, the stars showed off how this trend will continue to grow and it's great alternative to black and really looks much nicer on the skin tone.

So let this trend continue because not only does it look incredible on women it looks absolutely amazing on men as well. But for Haute Couture and Red Carpet Gown this is a trend we will continue to see...
Eva Longoria Mariska Hargitay
Reese Witherspoon Teri Hatcher
Jamie Pressley

Nude is the Mood!!

It took me a while to put together these images, but if you got a chance to watch the Red Carpet show on E! or Star! (in Canada). It was most evident that no body was going to repeat a trend from the Golden Globes, they were making new marks.

Nude was definitely in full force, it was opulent and lustrous. This wasn't the the nude that was popular years ago, this was a new way to do nude. It was richer than ever, with ornate detailing, lace, golden threading to accent colour but not really keeping the idea in a golden tone. The ladies looked all amazing, I know that Cate Blanchette's dress has been raved about these last couple of days, but I feel they missed the fact that the dress really was a bit too short and cut her off at an awkward spot. My favorites of the night was Kyra Sedgwick's vintage piece and Heather Graham's sexy mini that was paired with what she called her Versace Stripper shoes. Telling us that you could do this colour for glam and for just sex appeal. It was fun and playful, let's hope there is more nude to come at the Oscars.

Kyra Sedgwick Sandra Oh Heather Graham
Diane Kruger Cate Blanchette Helen Hunt Nicolette Sheridan


It seems Stella McCartney has done it again... she is merging with LeSportsac to create fun and cool collection of travel bags, luggage, and baby accessories. She has already collaborated with H&M and Adidas. Her collaboration with Adidas was the most successful campaign they had, and the items were flying off the shelves. So Stella has a merging capability with a proven track record that other designers don't have as of yet.

If you have been following LeSportsac lately you will have noticed that they're collections are a lot more fun and have lots of whimsy. Especially their Japanese designed items. So it's no surprise that they have decided to collaborate with McCartney on the fact that she is the high end for the younger crowd. It will be interesting to see the final product and what they come out with together. The 30-40 piece collection will average between $200 to $250 USD. And should be at most LeSportsac retailers by Spring 2008.

Stella McCartney for Adidas

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Poke me!!

So have you been feeling a bit reminiscent lately? Maybe you want to dress like a little kid, or have memories of your mom in this special print... You probably weren't alive in the 50's when this trend got it's credit but it's most likely a memory from the 80's for most and here it comes again. Think fun and stylish minus the poodle skirts or the ribbon wrapped around your neck., Polka Dots are making a comeback so either go on a scavenger hunt to your mom's closet or well just go out and shop yourself some hot Dots.

Please don't buy the classic Black & White dots, this look will be gone before you can blink. This season the trend for the dots on your body are colour and full on colour. Think 60's mod mixed with 2000's elegance. This is the new Dot of this century, play with it, have fun with it, and well, just revel in your girlyness!!! They should be all sizes no rule really matters, other than a more petite girl should wear a smaller print and a taller or heavier girl should select the larger patterns, but this really is to the wearer discretion. Don't want to wear it as clothing opt finding it in a fun accessory, just remember to keep it playful. So enjoy in this fun girl print, and remember it's good to be a FEMALE!!
WetSeal $19.50* Target $7.49*
Guess $89.* BCBG Girls $89.95*

Target $9.99* Old Navy $14.50*Guess $75 *Claire's $16*Sear's $10.*
*all prices are reflected in USD

Thursday, January 25, 2007

A New M for H&M!!!

H&M is ready to reveal it's new Spring '07 collection brought to you by M- not Mauritz Widforss but Madonna!! Yes, Madonna came back for a second turn for the discount retailer after producing some track suits for them last year. This collaboration should be an interesting one, she even has designed the glasses she is wearing in the ad. The whole Spring Collection should be out soon enough, while I am really excited about the Women's Wear, I am not too impressed what they have come up with for the men. Usually the men's looks are very tailored but they missed the mark this season.

So if you like H&M go and check out the new items, because they are toting this as one of their better collaborations.
Sketches for M by Madonna-coming soon

Spring 07- Ladie's Collection

Spring 07- Men's Pieces

Fashion RIO!!!

Fashion Rio ended last week and well, it’s always nice to see what interests the world. And a world where the models have been dominating the international catwalks must be promoting some very fun clothing. Now these collections are called Autumn/Winter 2007 but the reality is that this is Spring/Summer clothing for all us folk living in the Northern Hemisphere, so please take some cues and enjoy a fun summer wardrobe. Put ideas away, because my hunch is the season is around the corner faster than you think...

Marcia Ganem should some revolutionary fashions that were part punk, part little black cocktail dress. This is a fashion house to watch.

Victor Dzenk, what a show! This collection was completely Brazilian, from a colourful collection that is fun and endearing.

Animale- Ohh I have been following this line for a couple of collections now, and while this wasn’t my favorite show, their designs are always fashion forward and definitely not PETA friendly.

Maria Bonita Extra- This collection was fun and refreshing, loved the whimsy and flirtation that all these minutely baggy pieces with kitschy flare had.

Gra├ža Ottoni, this is Brazil’s version of Calvin Klien, the lines are simple, the collection is muted and there are pieces very similar to last seasons Marc Jacobs sheer jersey knits.

St.Ephigenia, was rich and colorful. There was a doll like presence to the show. I am not sure what attracted me the most to this collection; I do know the show accessories of extreme platform shoes gave me a minute embolism.

Tessuti, one of the standout collections this past week at Fashion Rio, the collection is tailored, chic and really stunning. The lines are beautiful while being fashion forward which is hard in trend based year of patterns. They freely enjoyed the flowing prints while embracing body hugging curves.

And my hands down favorite collection from every show last week has to go to Eliza Conde, passionate about fashion since the age of 18, attending the Italian Academy of Fashion in Florence, she has set her sights on dressing the Brazilian women astonishingly. This trendsetter has her pulse on the beat with effervescent trend scoping worldwide and her fashion can be adorned internationally, if they were available. I loved it, it was magnificent and breathtaking!