Sunday, January 28, 2007

Poke me!!

So have you been feeling a bit reminiscent lately? Maybe you want to dress like a little kid, or have memories of your mom in this special print... You probably weren't alive in the 50's when this trend got it's credit but it's most likely a memory from the 80's for most and here it comes again. Think fun and stylish minus the poodle skirts or the ribbon wrapped around your neck., Polka Dots are making a comeback so either go on a scavenger hunt to your mom's closet or well just go out and shop yourself some hot Dots.

Please don't buy the classic Black & White dots, this look will be gone before you can blink. This season the trend for the dots on your body are colour and full on colour. Think 60's mod mixed with 2000's elegance. This is the new Dot of this century, play with it, have fun with it, and well, just revel in your girlyness!!! They should be all sizes no rule really matters, other than a more petite girl should wear a smaller print and a taller or heavier girl should select the larger patterns, but this really is to the wearer discretion. Don't want to wear it as clothing opt finding it in a fun accessory, just remember to keep it playful. So enjoy in this fun girl print, and remember it's good to be a FEMALE!!
WetSeal $19.50* Target $7.49*
Guess $89.* BCBG Girls $89.95*

Target $9.99* Old Navy $14.50*Guess $75 *Claire's $16*Sear's $10.*
*all prices are reflected in USD

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Mo said...

I loved the dots in the 80's so I can wrap my head around them again, I just hope neon and torn jeans stay away!!!