Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Do you want to live the life in convertibles???

Well, somewhere in the U.K. there is a Sheila whose been thinking cars that now started thinking fashion comfort for the car as well. This new insurance company that started in 2005, has thought up a way to provide a safe and comfortable ride while providing adequate style for the woman who isn't willing to give up her stilettos.

These little versatile puppy's, only come in this Pink and Black colour combo, but their functionality makes waves where their stylistic needs still need work. These shoes come with a button control that slides the heel right under the hoof of the shoe, making it part of the flat sole itself. While the promotion of this item is to make car safety in the U.K. better, I see it as the much needed relief from cobblestone ways, needing to rush or run to a location and simply a hard night of partying gets hard on ones feet needing a quick pair of flats. So the world of shoes might be changing... let's see if Jimmy Choo can adopt a style that is convertible.


CINDYLU said...

This is a super awesome idea-fit for not only lady drivers but when your feet are so exhausted and u need a break from the heels :)

Didders said...

you'll think im crazy but me and anusha did a marketing project where we had to come up with a new product and we came up with this very shoe.. i feel jiped of an idea. i could have been making millions right now.