Thursday, June 28, 2007

Just incase you wanted to know...

Now you all know I wouldn't be the first to post this, but with all the media scrutiny that has taken over my TV, I just had to. Paris Hilton came out of jail the other day... of course not wearing her Orange Jumpsuit (that officially belongs to the state) but a well reserved and cute outfit.

Now obviously, we all have heard of Kitson boutique... well Paris actually shops elsewhere. The so called outfit you are seeing is from the little known boutique of The House of Petro Zillia, an adorable store that offers a great amount of kitsch on West 3rd St. in West Hollywood. Paris Hilton's short sleeve blazer was an early spring purchase- made in March. It's a nice linen piece imported from Paris (the city) itself. But the most affordable piece on Ms. Hilton were her skinny jeans with a price tag of $88USD.

So now be forewarned... The House of Petro Zillia might be the next big celebrity shop, and a paparazzi favorite. It isn't Robertson Blvd, but I am sure it will get a great amount of pull now!!!

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