Friday, June 29, 2007

Some Colour FUN!!

Well I thought I would do a fast post... I have been looking at all my old posts lately... and laughed with a realisation of how right I am sometimes. Yellow and Blue being the colours of the summer... right I was!!! They are all over the place. Grey being the colour that will continue into the FALL... so ladies shop now, if it's grey then get it NOW!!!

As well the
Polka Dots and the Plaid also made a huge wave into the summer like I figured. The cover of my June issue of LouLou magazine has a girl in Gingham and well I have now fallen in love with Polka Dot shoes, and there is this commercial on TV, that is reminiscent of a Kylie Minogue video where a woman walks through the street and there seems to be multiples of here appearing haphazardly. Well, she is wearing this awesome Polka Dot dress.

Some unfortunate realities... I knew that the Turban was coming and going to come strong and I was right. Except it's more like the turban/headband... but please it's not nice.

So in honour of COLOUR... I bring you a fun quiz I was brought to online by an adorable friend... it was fun and I found it to be undoubtedly true. I am a Pink Girl and you all know it.
Fun Colour Quiz

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