Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The New Hue... BLUE!!!

When you talk about the colours for Spring it's hard to imagine not wearing them already... it doesn't matter where you live it's been unseasonably warm all over the world and well we've hit Spring Fever early. So while it isn't winter and drab and dark colours usually make us sadder, how about wearing the new hue for the season. Put away the black and bring out the BLUE.

Now you must wear it properly, some sites will tell you it's any shade. Ladies and Gents do not be mistaken. The shade you want on your skin to either look alabaster beautiful or sun kissed gold is a strong cobalt blue. It should be in your face and out there, or else you got the colour wrong. Pair it up with the other season's must haves, white, yellow and grey. Imagine you are the scenery in the Mediterranean and let us all marvel you.

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