Monday, June 11, 2007

When it blows...

Well, how things have moved along quickly since the last time I blogged. The world is in an uproar about Paris Hilton's stint in jail, the Cannes film festival came and went but the biggest fashion news after the CFDA's top honours is the loss of fellow fashionista and really FASHION ICON Isabella Blow passed away.

Now this isn't a death anyone outside her inner circle could have imagined, an famous woman, with credit to her name of discovering Alexander McQueen and now famed hat maker Philip Tracey. This woman who was always saved a seat at world fashion shows, whose every critique was copied word for word, whose opinion was looked upon right beside that of Anna Wintour and who never shied away from the thrawls of eccentric fashion took her life on May 7, 2007.

The Fashion Director at Tatler felt her life was no longer worth living and that she wasn't offering much to the world itself. It saddens me to see another trajic story in an industry marred with so many psychological misgivings. But when it blows it sure blows!!!

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