Tuesday, June 12, 2007

When Pretty is Important!!

I have fallen in love and really can't stop thinking about this designer. Now to say I have a crush could be the only way to describe how I feel towards her clothing... I really can't stop thinking of it all from the details, to the hem lines, I am fanatic about the prettiness of every item.

Not only must you and go and see her website http://www.rachelpally.com/home.html , she is a bit hard to find Internationally but there are locations. You can shop for her online at many locations, but truly these dresses are too cute to be missed. Seeing and absorbing what real femininity should look like in this day in age should aspire us girls to go out and look for some adorable frocks, to remember well we are girls not only women.

For some locations where you can find her clothing check out, http://www.activeendeavors.com/category.asp?tb=4&catid=3199 this, http://www.azaleaonline.com/rachelpally.html or http://www.bluebee.com/shopbycategorygrid.aspx?l=00080119025100000000&st=515

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