Thursday, March 15, 2007

Designer accused of Rape!!

In the day and age, where models ages have been scrutinized to the fullest, here comes a story that makes you want to point out the reality of the ages of minors who work in the industry.

Yesterday, Newsweek's noted designer of upcoming ones to watch Anand Jon Alexander was arrested for allegations of rape and accounts of assaults on 3 separate female. One who has been said to be a mere 15 years of age. Now the name might not be familiar to most, but he is known in his city of Los Angeles, dressed the like of Paris & Nicky Hilton and other stars, as well as appeared on many occasions on the American version of America's Next Top Model.

He is being held with a 1.3 Million bail, and is even being questioned about his immigration status in the US.


Mo said...

That's just nasty and not right at all, I'm glad they are holding him, those poor girls!

Anonymous said...

If he's found guilty I hope they 'throw the book' at him.

There are a lot more men in the industry that tread the line more carefully but are still using coercive tactics on young models ie 'I can make you a big star if you sleep with me'.... that should be hauled before the courts too.