Thursday, July 05, 2007


Not sure if this fits... but in the wake of an article I read in The Toronto Star, I had to ask!!! I am a facebook addict, I must check my facebook acct. more than I do my own email acct. I keep the page open and refresh throughout the day, of course I get to do so because I am at home and not confined to my desk at work.

So this weekend I had the privilege to read an article in the Toronto Star about how the city of Toronto boasts the most Facebook participants worldwide. Personally I believe it has a lot to do with the winter months boredome that drove us all onto it, at least that is what did it for me.

Type in the word Facebook in Google and watch the plethora of information that will come to you. From bloggers blogging about the workings of Facebook, some how it's an invasion of privacy, and others who are in attempts of boycotting it because well they call it Creepy!! But let's be serious... how else can you find old elementary school friend, get an update instantaneously and see picture in a grouping without having to open large attachments.

I read in a computer savvy blog that they think Facebook is the Social- RSS feed. Think of it as a news ticker, the stock exchange for social activity. So is this the future of computerization. Everyone knows the business you want them to know, they see the pics you want them to see, and they know your relationship status because you posted a change to your profile.

Facebook- Invasion of privacy, or personal tabloid fodder about yourself to your social group??

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