Thursday, July 26, 2007

Do you wear celebrity duds?

With Miami swim week well and done, the highlight was Jessica Simpson's first time out Swimsuit runway show. Now it got me thinking... does anyone really wear clothing created by celebrities???

Jennifer Lopez came out years ago while dating the industrious Sean (P.Diddy) Combs, and created the ever mainstream J.Lo line, it's kitsch apparel that makes me think of Puerto Rican Mamasitas combing through racks to get an item. The worst was her version of the Juicy Track Suit... the J.LO suit caused a flurry of buyers.

Victoria Beckham aka. Posh, she worked together with the label Rock&Republic to create a signature jean collection. I am sure you know which one it is, it's the one with the crowns on all the emaciated females walking around the city. But they had a falling out and please wait by the edge of you seat, because DVB will be coming out soon.

Justin Timberlake made William.Rast. It's actually pretty decent but confused by it's laid back styling that I can't see it fitting in this decades wardrobe savvy. It isn't a logo line, so I don't know how it will compete in the world of Hollister, American Eagle or Abercrombie & Fitch.

Now we all are aware of the clout that Sean John has within the fashion community, right after Tom Ford was given an award for his work with Gucci Homme they honour the likes of P.Diddy with a CFDA award. I have to say his runway show is pretty fantastic, his mainstream threads are abysmal... and please the man made a coat from Raccoon-Dog.

So do you wear it, do you wear anything a celebrity puts their name on Fashion wise. I just can't put my foot in the sole of a Jessica Simpson shoe, I will never wear a J.Lo pair of shades, House of Dereon is highly overrated- would never want to look like a member of Destiny's Child and really Kimora Lee Simmons herself is getting face time in every celebrity mag, her credibility for Fashion keeps falling and falling.

So let me know... debate me.... because personally I find all these items SAD. Ohhh don't get me started on L.A.M.B.!!! You need style to present style... so do this make them style aficionados?


Haley-O said...

I actually don't wear anything a celeb puts their name to.... I've been tempted, but thought it was kind of cheesy.... ;)

Mike said...

6. I used to like American Eagle until I found out they’re doing zilch to protect workers’ rights. AE claims it cares about workers — its own code of conduct requires contractors to respect the right of employees to form unions. Yet workers at the NLS warehouse - contracted to ship AE clothing in Canada - faced harassment and intimidation when they tried to improve conditions by forming a union with UNITE HERE, the union I work for. Since then, American Eagle hasn’t lifted a finger. Let’s boycott American Eagle until they enforce their code of conduct. Sign the boycott pledge at

Anonymous said...

I actually have a pair of the Rock & Republic jeans by Victoria Beckham and I think they're pretty nice. Other than that...I have also bought some J.Lo stuff but not because it was J.Lo...but because some of her things are kind of cute. I don't specifically seek out thingd made by celebreties though.