Monday, January 08, 2007

My Favorite Beauty Item 2006

Your life is not complete if you have never felt this item on your skin. The smell is incredibly fresh and beautiful. It will constantly remind you of summer and well do a great justice to your dehydrated skin.

For a mere $17 dollars american/$19.50 CAD. in Canada. This thing will save your life, kick up your romantic relationship and well make you feel like SILK. Trust me there is no better cream out there.


Anonymous said...

I am currently using The Body Shop's Coconut Body Butter for extremely dry skin so I am happy to see it recommended on here! But I am wondering if it is good to use on pregnant bellies to avoid stretch marks..... Any ideas??

Kiki T said...

Use the Coconut Body Butters away, the emolliantes in it are for very dry skin and well as your ever expanding belly will grow, and well it needs all the elasticity it can get.

Anonymous said...

Kiki T
I am a great fan of the body shop and use the mango body butter and never really thought to use the coconut one but will try it when my mango it out :)
Great site!

Rachel said...

omg, I love love this cream! It smells so delicious and makes me happy! seriously:)