Thursday, January 25, 2007

A New M for H&M!!!

H&M is ready to reveal it's new Spring '07 collection brought to you by M- not Mauritz Widforss but Madonna!! Yes, Madonna came back for a second turn for the discount retailer after producing some track suits for them last year. This collaboration should be an interesting one, she even has designed the glasses she is wearing in the ad. The whole Spring Collection should be out soon enough, while I am really excited about the Women's Wear, I am not too impressed what they have come up with for the men. Usually the men's looks are very tailored but they missed the mark this season.

So if you like H&M go and check out the new items, because they are toting this as one of their better collaborations.
Sketches for M by Madonna-coming soon

Spring 07- Ladie's Collection

Spring 07- Men's Pieces

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