Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Tell me they aren't changing the world of FASHION!!!

OK OK.... I know I am harping!!! But please people tell me they aren't ever changing the world of fashion and of how we see it. I know you are saying... this is just W's way of paying Homage to a story about a couple who loves each other just as they did for Angelina and Brad... but when you look at these shots they don't look like Celebrity to me... they look like Perfection.

I know some people are sad that models don't take editorial first in American Magazines, and then I tell you... WHY WOULD THEY??? These two, are sublime to perfection, their visual presence is not like any person in Hollywood. And to be honest, they aren't celebrities persé, this is an Athlete and a Designer savvy Soccer Mommy by all meanings.

There is a reason why these people are muses, because they rock a photo spread like no others. They are making me want to re-enact the poses... goodness help my husband, because they make me want to Fashion not my wardrobe but my whole life after them.


Helen said...

First of all, as much as Victoria may think she's a fashion maven, the woman is nothing more than a toothpick with boobs and a giant head. Don't get me wrong, I think she's incredibly funny (saw the nbc special), but, the woman has a 23 inch waist! The size of a 7yo girl! She is incredibly smart tho.. she understands how and when to attract media attention.. but, a fashion maven? I think not..

Tania said...

They may be 'perfection' of a weird sort but he still had an affair with his personal assistant the minute that Victoria was absent.... :)

I find the photos tacky and a bit dirty looking - perhaps it's the dirty surroundings. And Victoria is the ultimate lollypop.