Friday, March 13, 2009

Fashion No More.... End of an Era!!!

About 2 years ago I let my readers know about them looking for a new host to replace Tim Blanks on Fashion File. A staple show in the industry and Blanks being known for his poise and demeanor to create such a large following and getting into the most exclusive of shows.

Recently I learnt that Fashion File hasn't been picked up for next Season. I am DUMB-FOUND!!! How can something so Fantastic be canceled. Honestly, I didn't like the new host, think he had no clue what he was talking about and really showed NO PRESENCE!!! They should have just went with Peter Papapetrou!!!

So now I am SAD!!! Jeanie Beker is fantastic but doesn't fill the void of full extent of the Fashion needs of us crazies here in Canada. If we only got Style network too?!?!?!

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