Friday, January 19, 2007

Amsterdam Fashion Week starts...

As of Saturday, AIFW starts. I love me some homegrown talent from whatever country it is, I love that people are representing themselves and fashion isn't always about the big labels. Now Fashion Week in Amsterdam doesn't get the Press coverage that the Big Four get but it's trying to encourage the whole city to get involved and make it a movement that is recognisable throughout the whole city.

Stores are opening up their spaces to students so they can promote themselves and well get their products out there, one of these stores is Biederberg Gallery, which will be selling fashion related gadgets from 14 fashion students for the whole week.

Don't take this week lightly, Diesel is a baby born right out of Amsterdam, with their flagship store participating all throughout Laundry Days, Clubs are participating by throwing Fashion Raves and this city is so alive they don't want you to think the only thing that comes out of Amsterdam is Victor & Rolf. G-Sus is launching a new store and well their Dutch heritage is well on display during all of the events.

Now if you can't attend the Fashion Frenzy that is happening this week, please when you go to Amsterdam, feel free to walk through the Nine-Streets, this is their famed Fashion District, they are proud of it and well, should be!!

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