Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Bring on Dolce & Gabbana's Men...

Lately, I have a fetish with Men's fashion. I actually get a lot more excited watching men walk down the runways, not because of the men themselves, but it definitely has to do with the fashions. Dolce& Gabbana didn't disappoint this week. The outfits were fresh and the colours were fantastic. Steering clear of the effervescent black, they shined with metallics and greys. Even their whites had tonal greys in them.

The men seemed put together and had a '60s spies semblance. They looked chic and elegant, not for the soccer field or the local pub, these outfits aren't for the faint at heart but the woman's man. The skinny pants were paired with the skinny jackets, tightly sewn to the body to show every detail of the males figure. There were accents of velvet, scarves and buckle details. The outfits were seducing sexy for a men and well, visually pleasing.

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