Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Prada Disappoints!!!

I love me some Prada, let's be honest who doesn't. But I really disliked their presentation for Men's A&W 2007. I am a huge fan of androgyny and love men to be softer and not so chiseled at all times. But the looks were poorly executed. The styles looked unpolished, and well sloppy. The sweaters were too long for men's not so curvy bodies, the colours and stripes didn't nothing for the male physique and it seems that they just didn't offer anything new to the millennium man. Even the skinny pant seemed frumpy on the Prada man. In a revolution of Metrosexuals I can't see a collection like this doing very well.

I won't even bore you with images, because well it's just not pleasing to the eye at all...

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