Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Wednesday's Weekly Product!!

It's quite cold out now that we all have been suffering through this tumultuous ice storm that has come and gone. But the worst of it to be affected are my ever dry lips. Now I can sometimes go days without wearing any lipstick product and so my lips are fairing pretty bad right now. I do, on the other hand have a handy little product in my purse that well has come in quite handy during these cold days.

My Philosophy Big Lips, Lip Primer. This thing Rocks!!! Think of it as 3 products all lovely packed into this tiny little package. It's a primer to wear under your lipstick, a moisturiser and a plumper- giving your lips that extra punch making them seem fuller after application. It really helps to condition the lips and leaves a semi-matte look to your lips so that they don't look clumpy with gloss. Trust me when I say it's lip perfection. For a bit of cash, $25US, this little handy dandy can be in your makeup bag!!

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