Thursday, January 18, 2007

Who is the Gucci Man?

Gucci came out yesterday in well a very unassuming manor, really can't tell you who the Gucci man is. But he's adorably dressed. Not a word most used in Men's Fashion. The fashion were well not very Gucci like period.

There were bits of colour added to the mix, some plaids and greys dominated this runway also. But the looks and styling were an attempt to reminisce about Roger Moore but in an Ashton Kutcher immature manor. The styles were cocky and well, in your face; with a demure to hide in the background but definitely noticeable. There was an attempt at making what's old, new again, but it lacked luster and confidence. It was a mishmash of couture dressing with form fitting suits paired with construction like boots not fully done up. This is clothing for boys, you want to dress up like an adult but aren't ready to give up your rebellious nature. My most favorite items designed for this collection were the embedded cumber buns, but unfortunately those too got lost in translation of the appeal of this show.

So really, I am left bewildered with this collection, I still don't know who the Gucci man is!

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Mo said...

Love the boys, but ummm it's not manly to wear eskimo boots when your a man, I just don't think it's hot, lol.