Friday, January 19, 2007

Budget Shopping!!

Now I am always looking for a sweet deal, meaning there's always adorably fashionable pieces that are affordable to be found. Now living in Canada has somehow hindered the ever fun world of shopping. I am a Target freak, but to my dismay, we have no Targets. But when I found this collection I was highly surprised that is wasn't offered to me. What am I referring to is Metro 7, what is it you might ask? It's the fashion option for Walmart Shoppers, it's there competitive fashion line to compete against the likes of Target and H&M.

This wonderful line, Metro 7, is so cute and well received by many editors Nationwide (US only). They keep bringing out new items and trying to keep the Walmart client looking trendy and fresh. Some of their tops are working with this season's trends of long tops that go as far as your hip (which are helpful for you Pregnant readers), they have affordable skinny jeans and well charmingly inexpensive accessories for any shoe or purse fetish junkie.

Check out some of these exceptional deals...

Skinny Jeans $19.94
Beige Crochet Sweater $19.94
Black Glowing Goddess Top $14.94
Velvet Knickers $20.00
Drape Cardigan $19.94
Large Studded Tote Bag sale $16.00


dawn said...

Love the Purse...I'm a purse freak!!! 16$ That's a really good deal! Love the clothes too!

Mo said...

Did Dawn put it($) in the right spot?lol
I love the look are you tell me we can't get it in Canada? Man we suck for some stuff and rock for other reasons.

Mo said...

Okay maybe I'm not so sold on the pirate pants/knicker things, is that really a new in style?