Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Where have I been??

I am sure you all have been wondering what will I post next, and I apologise for not having posted in over 5 days... but I promise you this a lot is on it's way soon enough!!

What to look forward to? A lot is coming, posts about Fashion Rio shows, Autumn/Winter Shows from all over the world. It's Fashion week in Paris as well as Amsterdam, the industry is a buzz and well, we are all obviously waiting to see what might be affected this season from designs that are well, for next season.

Looking forward to see how Fashion Weeks will affect the Oscars and what will become trendy. And since we are talking trendy, I know a lot of the readers are from all over the world on here, so once a week I am going to bring you a perspective from a different city, worldwide. So bring on the fashion people, life is too boring to be bland, live it up, enjoy colour and just have fun, it's clothing for goodness sake.

So let the next wave of posting begin, there is going to be a lot to read...

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