Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Wednesday's Weekly Product!!

Last week I told you all about something that is definitely for the spoiled makeup connoisseur, this week I am letting you know about something affordable and truly FANTASTIC!!! I am unfortunately one of those girls who is Eyelash deficient, which really is a drag since every member of my family has lashes that almost seem fake. I could wear fakes and you would think it was just my lashes that's how little of an effect mine do to the overall look of my fake lashes.

So what do I do on a regular basis, how do I get those kitten lashes, that when I bat my pretty brown eyes I can get a bit more attention? My favorite little eye product...Maybelline XXL Volume+Length microfiber Mascara. This little miracle double wand is astonishing! You apply the white base coat on to your lashes at first- now for all you doubters, this little extra step is seriously unbelievable til you try it. It some how makes the little lashes that you didn't even know existed appear. So then you cover them with the second part and tada a thick coating of colour on your lashes. Now these two steps are easy as they sound, you never get a clumpy lash, the look is everlasting and really it's smudge proof.

You can find this little dandy product anywhere, your local Drug Mart where Maybelline is found. It comes in three convenient colours (very black, extra brown/brownish black and soft black-not found in the UK) and is sold for approx. $6.99 US, $11 CAD, £7.99 and €5.00.
So ladies, go get your lash on...

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Tania said...

Thanks for discussing this product. I used the L'Oreal one that was similar but they've discontinued it and now have one with a comb instead of a brush for the mascara - so not a fan of the comb....makes my eyelashes clumpy and spiderlike. I'm off to buy one of these ones to see what it's like. :0)