Thursday, January 11, 2007

Men changing the face of Beauty...

You're lucky if your man uses deodorant and aftershave, but for the many men out there who are willing and looking forward to taking care of their skin as it ages, here is good news for you.

Just yesterday it was announced that Clive Owen would become the new face of Lancome. Not only will he be doing the add campaigns for their cologne Hypnose Homme, he also will be doing it for their anti-aging skincare Lancome Men. I love seeing these kinds of changes in the beauty industry and for the most part I like that there is finally some things for men to better themselves.

It won't be called Metro Sexual for long, hopefully all the men of the world will jump on the band wagon and it will just become something they do. European men have their American counterparts beat with a better ideal of fashion, better sense of dress and a far greater skin regime. They have already had many men's magazines catering to men's fashion for years. We only have just recently been privy to Men's Vogue.

So enjoy the revolution ladies, the men are back and finally taking care of themselves, now will they ever wear skirts again!!!

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