Thursday, January 11, 2007

The world of phones as we know it...

It will never be the same. You will never be able to walk into a mobile retailer and look at phones the same way again. With an ever needing evolution of finding a phone that, well, can do everything but wash your dishes from last night has nearly knocked the door down.

This little machine, the iPhone, ironically the size of your palm, is giving the Palms a run for their money. The software alone is revolutionary! This touch screen is all controlled by your finger and you can simply do everything on it. It combines your mobile with an Ipod, and then integrates some of the most proactive Internet communication devices. The voice mail feature on this gadget alone is to make a busy person happy, you can screen even your messages by scrolling through and listening to the messages of your choice. Flip this phone on the side and it becomes a 2-mega pixel camera that syncs with your computer, leaving you never ever needing to wonder how to capture a moment.

Let the imitations begin and let the best service win. Hey, it's a consumers world!!!

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