Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Wednesday's Weekly Product

Nothing like a good beauty product to make life a little easier... so to kick of this year I am bringing you this product. Big Hair is back and it's the heart of winter so you know it's a bit on the windy side out there. This Garnier Fructis Style Spray (Strong), has a great bounce to it so it doesn't give your hair that hyper-styled look, while still being able to finish off the style once you've sprayed it. It is firm and will hold its shape once you leave your front door. And one more item to tickle your fancies it smells fresh and fruity. So the people next to you in tight spaces will not runaway. Find it at your local drug mart.

1 comment:

Didders said...

does this product really work? cause i find that no hair spray really works. either that or i suck when it comes to getting it to hold :P how much does it cost?