Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Fashion Week Update!!

What to begin with...

So far, it all is fun and looks good. I am getting great information for all you dedicated readers on what to look forward to. There is colour and a lot of repeating GREY!! And, you all know how happy that makes me. There is a feminine vibe and can't wait to report on my new favorite line of Tracy Reese. I nearly was thinking of showing you all the whole collection, but I won't bore you with that. And how can I not tell you I love Isaac Mizrahi's colourful collection.

Now to keep you all occupied til I post tomorrow morning, with Wednesday's Weekly Product, I leave you with this... The Wall Street Journal has jumped on the Fashion Bandwagon with taking their coverage one step forward. They have a gossip blog running for the entirety of Fashion Week, so if you love gossip as much as I do (wink, wink!!) please enjoy!! Source

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