Sunday, February 04, 2007

NY fashion week a Buzz!!!

Fashion Weeks don't really start for me til New York starts it off with a Bang!! Personally I am a city girl and NY feeds me somehow. Don't get me wrong, I love style wherever it comes from, but I don't pay to much fodder to Haute Couture- and it doesn't help that I live in city drab in Toronto, I would love to wear my eccentricities on my sleeve but it just would be shunned in my inner circle.

Well, NY is a staple of starting things off right, a lot of drab colours, nothing to vivacious or bold. There are some very obvious trends showing themselves repeatedly, and in the weeks to come, I will let you know what to start early this spring and what to hold out for til the full winter weather has come back.

Celebrities are making their rounds also just like the fashions, Britney hit the Baby Phat show, Sienna Miller was around, you could see Carmen Electra at a couple of shows and Pink and Eve both donned Miss Sixty Fashions for the Miss Sixty show.

Keep those skinny jeans because it doesn't look to be a trend that is anywhere from slowing down, and dresses are all the rage. And for your country home - yeah don't worry I don't have one either, there is a lot of overalls and suspenders, big chunky ski like boots to help you walk through the mountains. But lets wait it out, because I am sure somewhere there will be some city chic.

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Mo said...

Oh I love some of the new looks, and skinny jeans will grow on me again. But what's up with the high waist, I won't do it, I hate it, uncomfy yucky.