Monday, February 26, 2007

Finding your colour early...

With most Fall shows done, Pantone has already released the Colour Trends of Fall 2007. Very important for when you start shopping early... or just want to incorporate some trend worthy colours in your wardrobe.

Not all of us can afford that new Channel piece, too hard to find Proenza Schouler in your town, or just want to budget... so why not at least know how to weed out the colours that are actually trend worthy and not really your usual safe colours. Blend these hues, it seems the fashion world is a Hungry one!! The colours are very Food oriented, with hues reminding you of lush peppers, curries and deep wines. All these tones that are earthy also open the opportunity to bring in earthy greens and gem stone blues. Rich is the Tone, look for deep colours with great tonal background. Full of body and effervescence- think of the way one would pick out their wine or a chef picking the best of produce to serve fresh. This is definitely a new way to look at colour. Pantone PDF

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