Monday, February 26, 2007

Some stylists should get raises today...

I wasn't going to make an Oscar blog at all... I knew the fashions would be safe and no one would be really making a mark this year. But some people came out shining a bit brighter than others. I really feel some stylists don't get the credit where credit is deserved, is it because they aren't putting together the highest paid actresses, is it because they aren't making risky decision, or because they are only styling on certain occasions and not creating full on day to day wardrobe, as for what someone was wearing to go to their local Starbucks. Well in Honour of my girl Morgan... here is an Oscar blog and my list of how to pull off Evening gown.
  1. Play up your best features! If you have great gams, don't hide them under a dress that will just cover them up, especially if this is your only best feature. Let the ladies hang out a bit, if you have them praise them- they aren't paid for and usually do a wonder to some great off the shoulder gowns.

  2. If you are young, do not shy away from colour, I cannot highlight the fact that black will only age you, especially if it's not a Mini. You are young, you can wear a fun colour of the colour wheel.

  3. If you are old, and I mean way over 40, do not be shy. If your body is still beautiful show it off. Helen Mirren reminded us that having cleavage baring is not bad... on the contrary it shows that you are a woman full of spirit and fun.

  4. If you are older than 25, do not let me tell, DO NOT wear a dress that just hangs. You have a figure for a reason... you are a woman show it off. Never will anything that looks like it is hanging off a hanger look fashion forward or even evening appropriate. It doesn't matter how skinny you are. Embrace your curves and wear something that flatters it.

  5. Unless you are completely over weight, do not boggle your head and neck with too much detail. I agree about deterring someone attention to a nicer part of your body... but don't hide under funny collars, big jewels and hair that is well an obstruction not a do.

  6. Last but definitely not least, you are a slender woman... wear Pattern. Pattern shows richness that you can't get from a silk, velvet or any other gown. Pattern looks amazing always and will never let you down. I promise!!

So these are women who just were perfection!!!
Angie Harmon Kate Winslet Amber TamblynBeyonce (Elie Saab) Hayden Palletierre Cate BlanchetteSarah Michelle Gellar Maggie Gyllenhaal

Rebecca Gayheart Jessica Beil Reese WitherspoonCeline Dion

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