Saturday, February 10, 2007

Not your typical Fashion Icon!

Now, I know she has been homaged as the TrimSpa girl, but if you ask me you can never really forget the impact she made on Guess? With a media frenzy that has rocked the celebrity gossip world, and really the regular news stations- CNN's daily coverage. You know this tall blond with a striking interest to being compared to Marilyn; this interesting life has come to a tragic end for Anna Nicole Smith.

Guess Models have well, become synonymous with beauty and a curvy sensual women, not your average runway model. Claudia Schiffer brought the campaigns full throttle in 1989 and held on strong for a while as her modeling career was peaking. Eva Herizgova followed suit but showing that sexy was definitely an asset, which then landed her, as well as finally catapulting her to be on the cover of Elle and signing the lucrative deal that got her the coveted Wonderbra Spokesperson campaign.
But when Paul Marciano decided to go and take a Playboy model and change the idea of print campaigns no one even suspected the impact Anna Nicole had on the world. Too bad her latter years were really used as much unneeded fodder, but she made an impeccable Guess? Girl and really has been like no other. I guess we should say... R.I.P.

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Tania said...

Anna Nicole was defintely hot in the Guess campaigns. So sad her life deteriorated into fodder for gossip columns...