Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Today a DJ saved my life...

Ok, completely Fashion UN-RELATED!! But I have been hunting down a song for weeks, meaning every single time I have heard it, I wait for a name and nothing. I have sung it to my best abilities- which has mortified many people. Drove my Husband mental, called my sweet 20y.o. cousin multiple times thinking he would have a closer idea than little OLD me. Until the DJ saved me from my sanity...

So in honour of DJ Danny D, I am paying a tribute to all DJ's around the world who just aren't appreciated enough!! The man is a genius, I swear I only typed a few words, with no music he figured out my song. I am completely indebted to him today, and for him I will completely honour him with a post!!

So if you could all appreciate my SPECIAL DJ with me that would be greatly received. Listen to his mixes or catch him on My Space. THANK YOU AGAIN!!
**For all you curious types the song is: Til there was you- Rachael Starr

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