Friday, December 28, 2007

Year in Fashion... review!!

Well...I guess this is the first time I will get to make a review of the year that has come and gone. Not to mention; it's about time I post again, but I will reveal the wheelings and dealings that I have encountered....

Biggest Collaboration: Roberto Cavalli for H&M. Why? Because he really is the biggest designer they ever had... he is not Madonna's version of Fashion. This is a big house name with a big style and presence to boot. He brought his trueness to the collection with the same Zebra and Leopard panache that he infuses in his own collections.

Fashion Celebrity mix-ups.... it seems like Hip Hop doesn't want to do Fashion no more, or at least their interest in it has peaked and the financial bandwagon has given all it has to give, because Jay-Z and Russell Simmons have either completely quit their established companies or are taking less important roles.

Biggest Model... put away your big head Daria, your Canadian peers are kicking your butt and they seem to enjoy the industry a tad more than you do. Coco Rocha is not only climbing the corporate ladder stealing campaigns from under you, she doesn't mind still putting her face on the front of a Canadian Mag.

Biggest Celebrity Fashion disaster... I know most of you are thinking I will print about Britney, but you are wrong a mere 24 year old Amy Winehouse gets the top honour here. Why? Because she looks like a classless person and it ages her wrongly. For someone who is at a such young age to be vibrant less and without any fashion sense PERIOD!! She gets my top honours.

Funniest line to see in a Discount boutique... The House of Dereon!! Stop touting yourself as a fashion house if I am finding you stuff in a TJ Maxx for not much money period. Your stuff is in the same league as the Apple Bottom purses that sit beside yours.

And FAVORITE fashion piece that designers are setting up for S/S 2008..... WHITE JEANS!!!

So bring on 2008, I am planning on making it a year to remember!


Anonymous said...

god, I missed it! :) thanks!

Brandie said...

You are so right about House of Dereon. That stuff is so tacky!