Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Green Machine

Money.... it's all I ever hear about. Probably doesn't help that I am the most fashionable person I know who is an addict of CNN. But when you hear about it daily, when it's the topic of discussion from breakfast til your midnight cap..... the fashion industry is listening too.

Green is not a colour you see walk down the runways often. It actually is the least flattering, the most unattractive and most unfavored colour by designers for eons. But with people talking Greenbacks it well is something you see daily. So since people are comfortable discussing and seeing this colour as often as they do, why not capitalise on this brings us to Paris runways. Paris is usually the brink of Newness in Fashion. It's the style starting we expect that trickles down into the mainstream markets daily but takes a few years to see.

Now I am not talking about your Emerald Green that has graced the pale skin of some of the most beautiful women in the world. Jewel tones have been a staple in the designers repertoire for the past century, I am talking about a pale, pastel kind of American dollar green. This colour has only graced the woman of the world a whole of 2 other times the last century and it was also during a money era. During the recession, green was the colour of choice. It was the working mans colour; woman could easily by greens at their local fabric stores and it was in High demand with the ever growing Industrial revolution and the leftovers of war. Followed by the short lived weird fashion times of the late 50's, when people were procreating Baby boomers, mothers had incomes from the wars, Fathers were going back into the workforce and finances were on the forefront of the consumer. So bring on the Green and let me know if you'll be sporting this colour, I am on the Fence.... I guess the Green plastic kind!!!

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