Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wednesday Weekly Product!!!

I am a mommy as most of you all know, and my hair has taken the largest beating of it all!!! So when I got my pretty little hands on these products really I couldn't pass a week without letting you all know about them. I have lost a substantial amount of hair, I have always had thin hair just a ton of it, and I don't have time for rollers and blowouts.

In comes Sunsilk Daring Volume, I have every product from this collection minus the Shampoo and Conditioner.... but it's all the same. The root spray is the greatest thing right from the first spritz, with half damp hair I could feel my roots lift. Truly a magical product.

So with my Vavavoom hair I put in the Leavin Conditioner from the same family and it left a soft silky feeling in my hair without any weight. After enjoying my new products I felt like blow drying my hair and being pretty. And if any product can make you look good and feel good on the inside too it gets my vote!!!

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